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St.Peter's UCC

St. Peter’s UCC

No Matter Who You Are or
Where You Are On Life’s Journey,
You Are Welcome Here

At St. Peter’s United Church of Christ we believe there are

no outsiders in a community that is observant of God’s will.  Come and be a part of this vibrant, hope-filled congregation! 

We are All

Created by God,

Reconciled by Christ,

Empowered by the

Holy Spirit.

Sunday Schedule

From the Introduction- “We all know that a great deal of trouble surrounds issues of privilege, power, and difference in this society, trouble relating to gender and race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability status, social class…This book provides a way of thinking about the trouble that can help us become part of the solution by getting us unstuck.”


Privilege, Power, and Difference by Allan G. Johnson 2nd Edition

Bible Study 9:30 a.m.
Lower Community Hall

Discussion Leader: Sharon Harris-Johnson



Starting at 10:30 a.m.

Worship in the Sanctuary is open to all ages! Dress code is comfortable, shorts, jeans, come as you are.

As you enter the church foyer, worship booklets are located on the Welcome Table. 

You may be seated on the main level and listen for

Rev. Lauren’s warm greeting, followed by bell chimes and bringing in the light.

We are intentional about the language we use to describe the Creator and our siblings in faith.


You are Invited!

We celebrate Communion each week during worship. 


During worship, Rev. Lauren will share an Invitation to the Table and all may participate in the Sacarament of Communion. As the congregation shares in the hymn, ‘Everyone Born’, Rev. Lauren will serve communion from the front of the sanctuary. Those with mobility issues may be served in their seats by raising their hand.

If you are not able to attend Sunday Worship and would like to receive Communion, please reach out with a request.

Image by James Coleman

On-line Lent Resources - KATE BOWLER

“Lent is full of hard truths. And it is a perfect moment for spiritual honesty.

We can look on this tragicomedy with love and bemusement as we wait for the someday that will be God’s promised future.”


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